Zasz is dead

Phil, 24. Live for the Swarm

See? Yeah. Too goddamn loud. Gonna blow my ears. And my headphones.

My volume is up way too high in my headphones and this song is HELLA loud, but I am too damn lazy to turn it down…

I really wish that the 1:07 mark of The Last Spartan from the Halo 2 OST could play, like, whenever I entered a room.

Hello yes I am sportsman I does the sports please

I’m just so frustrated with work. More specifically with my coworker (comanager).

He just added two more restrictions to his availability because he doesn’t want to close anymore.

This fucking game sometimes…

The coolest part about Mass Effect is definitely the descriptions of each planet in each system.

I love lore.

Only thing “sad” here is that drawing